Loquacious Doc

Writing about a Medico’s life and the crap doctors have to deal with every single day.

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30. Hoarding Knowledge

The student surpasses the teacher,It is pretty much a law of Nature.One needs to age gracefullyAnd take it sportily. Teach the younglings to walkAnd they will soon run!Just sit back and talk,About the great things you’ve done. But if you hoard your knowledge,Like a greedy dragon with its treasure,It will rot in your mental storageAnd…

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29. A Day Of Relaxation

Laziness is an art formPerfected by some,Mostly by the younger generation,That knows the value of relaxation. ‘Work hard, play ever harder!’The unspoken motto of a doctor.They party till the roof falls on their head,And then slumber like the dead. A day off is a slice of heaven,A rare gift that is given,It must be savored,…

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28. Amidst Chaos

The world is burning,Chaos is reigning,Horrors are aplenty,It makes one feel empty.The other option would be,To watch mayhem run free,And curl into a tiny little ball,And cry feeling so small.Or you could rise above your station,Rage with righteous indignation!About the raging injustice!But would that suffice?Is the end near?Are we doomed to live in fear?It’s darkest…

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